Dilution Chart

The following dilution chart displays the important safety data for each of the single essential oils.

Angelica Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), D, DS, FA, P, PH
Anise Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, CS
Basil Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, CH, DS, E*, P*, SI
Bergamot Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH*, CS*, PH*, SI
Benzoin See Onycha
Birch Dilute 1:1, E*, P*
Black Cumin No Current Information
Buplevere No Current Information
Cajeput Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), SI
Calamus Dilute 1:4, SI, P*, CH*
Caraway Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), CS, SI, P*
Cardamom Dilute 1:1, (GRAS) FA, DS, SI
Carrot Seed Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS
Cassia Dilute 1:4, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH, CS*, P, SI*
Cedar Dilute 1:1
Cedar, Western Red Dilute 1:1, SI
Cedar Leaf (Thuja) Dilute 1:1
Cedarwood, Atlas NEAT, P
Celery Seed Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), CS, DS, SI, P
Chamomile (German/Blue) NEAT, (GRAS), FA, DS, P, SI
Chamomile (Roman) NEAT, (GRAS), DS, FA, SI
Cinnamon Bark Dilute 1:4, DS, FA, CH, CS*, P*, SI*
Cinnamon Leaf Dilute 1:4, CS*, P*, SI*
Cistus (Rock Rose, Rose of Sharon) NEAT, (FA/FL), P
Citronella Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, CS*, P, SI
Citrus Hystrix Dilute 1:1, DS, SI, PH, CH
Clary Sage Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, A, P
Clove (Clove Bud) Dilute 1:4, (GRAS), AC, CS*, DS, FA, P, SI*
Coriander Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), DS, FA, ST
Cumin Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, P, PH*, SI
Cypress Dilute 1:1, P
Cypress, Blue NEAT
Davana Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), P
Dill Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), DS, FA, E
Elemi NEAT, (FA/FL)
Eucalyptus globulus Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), DS
Eucalyptus citriodora Dilute 1:1, CS
Eucalyptus dives Dilute 1:1, SI, P
Eucalyptus polybractea Dilute 1:1
Eucalyptus radiata Dilute 1:1
Eucalyptus staigeriana Dilute 1:1
Fennel Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), DS, FA, CS, E, P
Fir Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), SI
Fir, Balsam (Idaho Balsam Fir) Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), DS, SI
Fir, Douglas Dilute 1:1, SI
Fir, Red Dilute 1:1, SI
Fir, White Dilute 1:1, SI
Fleabane (erigeron) Dilute 1:1
Frankincense (Olibanum) NEAT, (FA/FL), DS
Galbanum NEAT, (FA/FL), DS
Geranium NEAT, (GRAS), (FA/FL), DS, CS
Geranium, Rose No Current Information
Ginger Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, AC, CS, PH
Goldenrod Dilute 1:1, DS
Grapefruit Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS
Helichrysum (Immortelle) NEAT, (GRAS), FA, DS
Hyssop Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, E*, HBP*, P*
Jasmine NEAT, (GRAS)
Juniperberry Dilute 1:1, FA, DS, SI
Laurel Leaf (Laurus nobilis, Bay Laurel) Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, SI, CS, P*
Lavandin Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, E, P*
Lavender NEAT, FA, DS
Ledum NEAT, DS
Lemon Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, PH*, SI*
Lemongrass Dilute 1:4, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH, SI*
Lime Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, PH*
Limette (Combava) Dilute 1:1, PH*
Mandarin Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, PH
Manuka Dilute 1:1
Marjoram Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, P
Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), CS
Melaleuca ericafolia (Rosalina) Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL)
Melaleuca quinquenervia (MQV Niaouli) Dilute 1:1 (FA/FL), CS
Melissa (Lemon Balm, True Melissa) NEAT, (GRAS) FA, DS
Mountain Savory Dilute 1:4, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH, P*, SI*
Mugwort Dilute 1:1, FA, DS, CH, P*
Myrrh NEAT, (FA/FL), DS, P
Myrtle Dilute 1:1, FA, FL, DS
Myrtle, Lemon Dilute 1:4, CS, SI
Neroli Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS
Nutmeg Dilute 1:2, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH*, E*, P, SI
Onycha (Styrax benzoin) Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL)
Orange Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, PH*
Oregano Dilute 1:4, (GRAS), Fa, DS, SI*
Palmarosa Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS
Palo Santo No Current Information
Patchouli NEAT, (FA/FL), DS
Pepper, Black Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, SI*
Pepper, Pink Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), P*
Peppermint Dilute 1:2, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH*, CS, HBP, P, SI*
Petitgrain Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS
Pine Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), DS, SI
Pine, Black NEAT, SI
Pine, Lodge Pole NEAT, SI
Pine, Pinon NEAT, SI
Pine, Ponderosa (Yellow Pine) NEAT, SI
Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica) Dilute 1:1
Ravintsara Dilute 1:1
Rose Otto NEAT, (GRAS), FA, DS, P
Rosehip NEAT, (GRAS)
Rosemary (cineol) Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH*, E*, HBP*, P*
Rosemary verbenon Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), E*, HBP, P
Rosewood NEAT, (GRAS)
Sage (Sage Dalmation) Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH*, E*, HBP*, P*
Sage, Spanish (Sage Lavender) Dilute 1:1, (GRAS)
Sandalwood NEAT, (FA/FL), DS
Spearmint Dilute 1:2, (GRAS),FA, DS, CH*, SI P
Spikenard NEAT
Spruce Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), DS, SI
Spruce, Black (Tsuga) Dilute 1:1, (FA/FL), SI*
Spruce, Colorado Blue Dilute 1:1
Tangerine Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, SI, PH
Tansy, Blue Dilute 1:1
Tansy, Idaho Dilute 1:1, E*, P*, CH*
Tarragon Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH*, E*, P*
Thyme Dilute 1:4, (GRAS), HBP
Thyme linalol Dilute 1:2, (GRAS)
Thyme, Red (ct. thymol) Dilute 1:4, (GRAS), FA, DS, CH, HBP
Tsuga see Spruce, Black
Valerian (root) NEAT, (FA/FL), DS, CS
Vetiver NEAT, FA, FL, DS, P
Vitex NEAT
White Lotus No Current Information
Wintergreen Dilute 1:2, AC, CH*, E*, P*
Yarrow Dilute 1:1, CS, P
Ylang Ylang Dilute 1:1, (GRAS), FA, DS, CS

Safety Data Legend:
Dilution ratios shown equal Essential Oil:Carrier (Vegetable) Oil
A = Avoid during and after consumption of alcolhol
AC = Anit-coagulant - May enhance the effects of blood thinners; avoid using with Aspirin heparin, Warfarin, etc...)
CH = Do not use on children younger than 18 months of age
CH* = Do not use on children younger than 5 years of age
CS = Could possibly result in contact sensitization (redness or irritation of the skin due to repeated application of a substance) (rotate or use different oils)
CS* = Repeated use can result in extreme contact sentitization (rotate between different oils)
D = Avoid if diabetic
DS = Dietary Supplement
E = Use with caution if susceptible to epilepsy (use only small amounts or in dilution)
E* = Avoid if susceptible to epilepsy (can trigger a seizure)
FA = Food additive
FL = Flavoring agent
GRAS = Generally regarded as safe
HBP = Use with caution if dealing with high blood pressure (small amounts)
HBP* = Avoid if dealing with high blood pressure
P = Use with caution during pregnancy (use only small amounts or in dilution)
P* = Avoid during pregnancy
PH = Photosensitivity - direct exposure to sunlight after use could cause dermatitis (test first)
PH* = Extreme Photosensitivity - direct exposure to sunlight after use can cause severe dermatitis (avoid exposing affected area of skin to direct sunlight for 12 hours)
SI = Could possibly result in skin irritation (dilution may be necessary)
SI* = Can cause extreme skin irritation (dilution highly recommended)
ST = Can cause stupification in high doses (use only small amounts or in dilution)

Please Note: Dilution Chart information has been compiled from books written by authors Connie and Alan Higley; D. Gary Young, ND; Essential Science Publishing; and Valerie Ann Worwood. When conflicting information was present, I chose the most conservative information for the safest possible application. Still, understand that you are using each essential oil at your own risk, even with the safety information given above. Try only small amounts the first application, watching for adverse reactions.

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